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Panda Treats Veg Hakka Chow (400gm)


Atap Rice (Loose) (1Kg)


Total Brown Egg (6.00Pcs)


19% OFF
Dry Chingri Fish (250gm)

₹282.50 ₹230.00

13% OFF
Lakhi Bhog Gold Basmati Rice (26Kg)

₹2550.00 ₹2210.00

Everest Ginger Powder (50g)


Bru Instant Coffee (25gm)


13% OFF
Shri Ram Classic Bhog 1121 Basmati Rice (10kg)

₹800.00 ₹700.00

Jharna Ghee, (100ml)

₹76.00 ₹75.00

17% OFF
Medium Chapra chingri (60 - 70 Pcs/Kg) (250gm)

₹150.00 ₹125.00

Live Fish/Janto Maach
Desi Shingi - Sundarbans (250 - 300gm)

₹300.00 ₹293.00

Live Fish/Janto Maach
BATA - Sundarbans (Standard Size). (250gm)


31% OFF
Chicken Curry Cut( Without Skin ) (500gm)

₹175.00 ₹120.00

6% OFF
Mutton (Rewazi) Curry Cut (250gm)

₹222.50 ₹210.00

Modern Bakers Loaf Bread (400.00gm)


Amul Salted Butter (100gm)


22% OFF
Poultry Egg (6Pcs)

₹54.00 ₹42.00

Modern 100% Whole Wheat Bread (400.00gm)


Modern Regular Bread (200gm)


Cucumber (500gm)


GUAVA (500gm)


Pumpkin (500gm)


21% OFF
Sweet Cherry Loose (250gm)

₹125.00 ₹99.00

Tender Coconut -Unpeeled (1.00Pc)

₹50.00 ₹49.00

Rin Ala Fabric Whitener (500.00ml)


Ujala Supreme Fabric Whitener (Free Exo Dish Wash Bar 85 g) (75.00ml)


Ariel Complete Detergent Washing Powder (1.50Kg)


Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, Citrus. (500ml)


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