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Product / Services Details

We are a Kolkata based online platform available through various medias (call, website, apps etc.), procuring and providing grocery and essential services.
We have a huge backing of suppliers, vendors and employees who wholeheartedly believe facilitating processes however necessary to get to people what they need.

• We have painstakingly devised the supply channels and delivery routes so that we can execute the whole process from ordering to delivery without as much less delay as possible.
• Though we have big brands collaborating with us, our emphasis has been to choose from local suppliers, vendors, and small businessmen or farmers, so that they can even work and have a reach which they normally may not have.
What we aspire is to provide one and all with the necessities they can’t do without. And receiving them without having to go to places that are crowded, with as much less unknown contact as possible.
We have products in all range of categories, the essentials that people would need in daily life as well as the preventive care products for the prevailing pandemic situation. We believe in providing 360 degree help to the masses.
• Foodgrains: We have available Rice, Rice Products, Atta, Maida, Dals & Pulses in this category which is a necessity for any home.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 20/- (Nutrela,Soyabean-80gms) to Rs. 585/- (Sahidinar, Basmati Rice -5Kgs)
• Oil & Spices: Our Oils & Spices have Brands like Dhara, Saffola, Anik, Catch, Tops, Everest etc. brands in this category.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 14/- (Catch, Coriander powder-50Gms) to Rs. 1000/- (Saffola, Total Pro Heart Concious Oil-5Ltrs)
• Fruits & Vegetable: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Dry Fruits are procured to ensure the quality of the produce.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 12/- (Green Chillies-100Gms) to Rs.329/- (Kaju Badam-250Gms).
• Egg, Fish & Meat: Fresh products are acquired to provide for the orders. The person ordering would also have various processing styles to choose from, if need be.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 156/- (Rui-1Kg) to Rs. 760/- (Mutton, Curry Cut-1Kg) & Rs. 2800/- (Vetki, Full-4Kg)
• Dairy & Bakery: We have a range of products from Nestle, Keventers, Amul etc for people to choose from.
o   Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 15/- (Toned Milk-200ml) to Rs. 125/- (Paneer-500Gms).
• Tea, Coffee, Snacks: Beverages and Snacks are something that you want, so here you can choose products from Tata, Nescafe, Brittania,Maggi, Kissan, Nilon’s etc.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 10/- (Bru, Gold Coffee-9Gms) to Rs. 225/-(Mango Pickle).
• Frozen Food: We have vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food varieties.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 115/- (Keventers, Chaupati Aloo Tikki-360Gms) to Rs. 285/- (Keventers, Smoked Frankfurters Chicken Sausages-500Gms).
• Beverage: We present a range of Fruit Juices and other beverages in this category.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 14/- (Frooti, Mango Juice-160ml) to Rs.300/- (Glucon-D,Orange-500Gms).
• Cleaning & Household: This category has products of Vim, Pril, Surf, Domex, Mangaldeep, etc. for the customers.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. Rs.10/- (Mangaldeep Dhoop) to Rs. 400/- (Sulekha PineX Herbal Oil based Floor Cleaner).
• Personal Care: We have products from, Dove, Clinic Plus, Godrej, Sofy, Stayfree, Lifebuoy, Santoor, Colgate, Brylcream etc, for your daily personal care needs.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. Rs. 13/- (Dettol Soap) to Rs. 249/- (Protect Instant Hand Wash-500ml).
• Covid-19: As the present situation and the government instructions stipulate, we have necessary preventive products, like masks, sanitiser, antibacterial surface sprays, face shields etc, available for the masses to keep them safe.
o Pricing Ranges From: Rs. 9/- (3Ply mask-1pc) to Rs. 1350/- (Hand Sanitiser)
• Organic Food: We have Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries & Staples from farms and companies, who produce these organically.
• Baby Care: All the essentials of Babycare, the day-to-day needs are available here.
We try our best to accumulate all that is and will be necessary in household of the masses to let them get their needs delivered to their homes.