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Ching's Schezwan Instant Noodles (240.00gm)


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The True-Indian Spicy Noodles / China Se Tapka, Desi Masalon Mein Aake ATKA

Why order-in when you can enjoy easy-to-cook Schezwan noodles at home in just two minutes. Ching’s Schezwan Noodles are the best noodles for a quick-fix meal or a masaledar snack that will send your tastebuds on a crazy, spice-licious journey. Prepared in a state-of-the-art factory with a patented recipe for non-sticky, non-mushy and uniformly coated Chinese noodles, Ching’s masala noodles veg. are nothing like you have tasted before and promise to satiate your hunger with a melange of desi and Schezwan spices.

Try all the desi-Chinese Schezwan noodles by Ching’s Secret today and set your taste-buds on fire.

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