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Ambi Pur Vanilla Bouquet Car Air Freshener Starter Kit. (7.50ml)


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  • Do you sometimes find that your car has an annoying persistent odour? Or do you often notice other passengers in your car being irritated with smells? Well this is more common an issue then you would think, particularly in the summer and monsoon seasons! From smells of trash to stinky food, from sweaty socks to smelly shoes, cars can get bombarded with a range of odours, that can make driving an unpleasant experience. The challenge with these common odours is that they are also tough to completely remove. Ambi Pur however, is the perfect car freshener for you, since it can transform your car from 'smelly to smiley' because it doesn't just cover but truly removes the odour. It leaves behind a beautiful subtle fragrance as well.

    How it works: Easy to control, virtually mess-free car vent clip continuously and consistently releases freshness across the product's life. It features an integrated intensity control to give you just the right amount of scent. Aesthetic functionality with specialized wick and device.

    Design: Ergonomically-designed, lightweight and compact. Fits on all AC vents.

    Fragrance: Intoxicating fragrance of a creamy vanilla sky while driving. A fragrance for someone who is confident and independent.

    About the Brand: Ambi Pur has been bringing enjoyable fragrances into homes since 1958. A brand of air freshener products owned by Procter & Gamble, Ambi Pur was the first and most successful brand of liquid car fresheners, first launched in 2000. Ambi Pur brings high-performance products and new technologies to their current Air Care portfolio, including car air fresheners, battery-powered air fresheners, toilet rim blocks and various non-energized air fresheners.

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