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Johnson's Baby Lotion (100ml)


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Pamper your baby’s skin with Johnsons Baby Lotion that retains the oil and keeps his skin glowy and supple. With a pump back and a classic scent, this lotion proves to be an essential.

Helps Development Of Baby Skin Into Healthy Skin

Hydrating and moisturising your child’s tender skin, this lotion helps to preserve the natural softness and nourishes his skin from the pores to keep it healthy.

Helps Replenish Moisture:Mild and gentle on your little one’s skin, this lotion prevents dryness and restores the moisture content. Johnsons Baby Lotion protects your baby’s skin against skin irritation and allergies.

Clinically Proven Mild:Clinically proven to be mild, this cream is safe for your baby’s delicate skin. The rich creamy formula of the cream keeps your child’s skin healthy. Working as a daily moisturiser, this lotion improves your child’s skin texture and gives it a healthy look.


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