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Kingfisher Radler Lemon Malt Can (200.00ml)(Currently Not Available)


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  • Kingfisher Radler is a refreshing, carbonated non-alcoholic drink but the word “radler” has its origin in Germany
  • Originally radlers' Are alcoholic but with preferences shifting and new lifestyle need of adult consumers
  • It took a path of low to no alcohol recipe. Kingfisher Radler have been crafted with utmost care keeping in mind a balance of  Indian taste palette and their lifestyle needs
  • Natural ingredients like refreshing lemon juice and natural lemon flavour is at the heart of all three variants currently launched under Kingfisher Radler
  • Along with that reduced percentage of natural sugar and quality of brewed malt gives the final form to the product
  • Total calorie consumed will be 96 kcal for a 300 ml can, which is 30% Less than any popular carbonated soft drinks currently in Indian market
  • Due to 30% Less sugar content, keeping in mind health conscious young adult

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