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Surf Excel Quick Wash Detergent Powder (2.00Kg)


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Surf excel Quick Wash detergent powder, a one-stop solution for all your laundry woes. While learning new skills and having fun, children often come home with a variety of stains on their clothes and more so often on their very important uniforms. While you’re happy that they have these new experiences, the stains leave you worried. To fight these difficult stains you end up putting in a lot extra effort and use additional stain removers such as bleach, lemon etc. It’s time you switch to Surf excel Quick Wash detergent powder and say goodbye to long laundry drills and juggling with different stain removal products each day. Surf excel Quick Wash is one of the premium most detergent powders available in India and has X-Tra Clean particles that combine the power of different stain removing products such as lemon and bleach. The superior technology of Surf excel Quick Wash removes a variety of common tough stains like oil, ketchup, chocolate, curry stains, tea etc. With X-tra cleaning particles, it makes for the perfect wash.

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