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JK Black Pepper Powder (50.00gm)


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The original black gold, the king of all spices. Black pepper is the spice that spawned every voyage of discovery in modern history, and now occupies pride of place with common salt at every dining table around the world.

Interesting to think that this little vine growing wild in India’s Malabar coast was once so valuable that it was widely used as currency! JK Masale’s black pepper powder is specially seal-packed to keep the exclusivity and royalty once associated with black pepper alive.

Sprinkle it over your morning egg, add a bit of pep to your afternoon salad, and create a beautiful steak and mash at night! JK Masale’s black pepper powder also boasts of health benefits according to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of traditional medicine. It is considered good for respiratory problems, weight loss, digestion and skin care, with antibacterial properties to boot! Filled with taste and health, the magic of high-grade Indian pepper is just a click away - get some JK Black Pepper Powder today! 

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