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JK Radhuni (50.00gm)


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Create a delicious bengali-style fish curry with jk masale’s wild celery seeds! With a flavour reminiscent of parsley and celery, radhuni (as it is called in indian bengal and bangladesh) is used to flavour hot oil before aromatics and non veg or vegetables hit the pan, and it always delivers! Just a couple of pinches will elevate a simple vegetable or non veg dish into a wildly flavourful party in your mouth! Radhuni is also used as an addition to the bengali spice mix known as panch phoron, and can easily be adapted to simple vegan stir fries - simply chop up some carrots and potatoes, fry them with radhuni and hot mustard or sesame oil, and you have yourself a lovely side to go with dal and rice as part of an indian-inspired bowl! Use jk masale’s wild celery seeds or radhuni to create some new and delicious recipes in your kitchen!

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