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Modern Milk Plus Bread (450.00gm)


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We all know how difficult it is as a parent to make your child drink a glass of milk. We try everything, like adding drink mixes to the milk or pairing it with cereals and fruits. In the process, the healthy aspect of the milk itself gets lost and all the efforts go in vain. But what if there is a way of not having milk at all, but still getting the nutrition that it guarantees?

Modern’s Milk Plus does exactly that. The biggest advantage of having milk is that it is rich in calcium, which provides strength and longevity to our bones and 4 slices of Modern’s Milk Plus gives the calcium equivalent of a full glass of milk! You can also make it more exciting by using the bread to make sandwiches, idlis, kachoris and even salads. So the next time your child does not want to drink that glass of milk, hand him a sandwich made out of Modern’s Milk Plus bread for both an enjoyable and nutritious meal!

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