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Nihar Naturals Coconut Hair Oil With Methi. (400.00ml)


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About The Product:
Created with the goodness of Coconut and methi, Nihar Naturals is built on the base of expertise and experience about hair. It nourishes your hair from root to tip. Coconut oil can go 10 layers deep in hair and lock in proteins so hair is not only strong from the inside but soft, shiny from the outside. This non-sticky hair oil also helps repair the damage your hair goes through due to pollution, dust and heat so that hair is always beautiful. Methi as a seed is very effective in helping hair growth and fighting hair fall. Its nonsticky nature is suitable for all seasons!
In today's time, women have many more hair concerns than earlier- like rough hair, hair fall, frizzy hair, split. Naturals hair oil for women, your trusted brand understands your evolving hair care needs and is here to help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Also try other offerings from Nihar Naturals- Nihar Shanti Sarson, Nihar Shanti Badam Amla, Nihar Shanti Jasmine and Nihar Gold!
Methi Extract, Jasmine Extract, Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance.
Nihar Naturals comes with the goodness of coconut and methi to give you thick and beautiful hair (based on the technical study, compared to untreated hair).
Coconut oil goes layers deep into your scalp - it nourishes and enriches your hair, infusing each strand with the goodness of nature (based on technical study).
Methi helps in hair growth, also making the hair soft and helps in controlling hair fall.
Light and fragrant coconut hair oil that infused with the flowery notes of the jasmine flower.
Suitable for all hair types- straight, curly, thick, thin and wavy.
Explore other variants for Nihar Naturals- also available in the rose fragrance.
How To Use:
To use simply take some oil in your palms, apply both on the scalp and hair.
You can take this relaxing jasmine oil and apply it for an hour or leave it overnight.
Wash it off with Shampoo Available in two delightful fragrances in the flowery notes of Jasmine and Rose.

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